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Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:08 pm by RukarioX
Yeah, I want to rename this to another name. Any ideas for the first half (.prowiiforum will change as well, that's my decision)? Yeah, we need more posters until the name is changed due to the fact that I want to make it into a domain name and we will be rid of the .prowiiforum part. Yeah, just give me ideas. will now be under decision for a new name.

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 Pokemon - THe Ripped Universe! Hack of The Year (2008)

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Number of posts : 141
Registration date : 2008-11-12

PostSubject: Pokemon - THe Ripped Universe! Hack of The Year (2008)   Tue Nov 18, 2008 7:25 pm

[SIZE="7"] Pokemon - The Ripped

Hack of: Firered

You wake up in your hometown of Holon, and you watch TV. There, it said that a mysterious force is gathering on top of Mt. Coronet and there is something behind it. You run off to your rival, who then talks about the Torn World's myth and says that the rofessor next town might know something about it. You find a pokeball in the old laboratory, where Professor Kaori worked and leave to find him. You have no idea that Kaori disappeared, and your rival appears beside you. You go into the old lab to see that some kid is working, who is another rival... after that... the story begins!

New region
New Music
A new enemy
More rivals and enemies to come!
New heroes
More trades and capturable pokemon!
Many side-quests

Honey Town
Route 51
2nd Town
Route 52
Unknown Forest
Route 53
Abandoned Town
Abandoned Gym
1st Beta
Route 54 (South)
1st City
2nd Gym
Route 54 (North)
Eternal Cave (2 bottom floors)
3rd Gym
Route 55A
Route 55B (optional area)
2nd City
2nd Beta


:pokeball: All known glitches:
Bold is working on, crossed out is cured, underlined is impossible to edit, if none of the left, then I am not working on it... yet

As I have restarted the hack, it'll take some time.


Made by me:

All Members will receive a cameo in the game, either as a gym leader, E4, or a trainer/guy who gives you something if you can answer questions correctly.
Me- Mapping, Leading, Storyline, ROM Bases
Lucario_9: Mapping, Map connector, Tile Inserter
pokelover445- Trainer Creator, Scripting (Basic)
Hackimon12- Scripting (All), Honey scripts
maximum911- Scripting (Basic), Beta Tester
Platinum Lucario - Mapper, Scripting (All)
varial295- Beta Tester
hack noob- Beta Tester
shinyursaing- Beta Tester

Me- Mapping, Leading, Storyline, ROM Bases
shinyursaring- Beta Tester

Special thanks to: :pokeball:
Mew_Ryn for his Rom Base that helped a lot.
VGMusic for the numerous Midi files.
AmineX for the tutorial on ripping music from NDS, where I got my battle theme.
All the tool creators.

If you want to join, then show me some proof of work and that's it.
Need the following:
Beta Tester
Advanced Scripter
*.mid* file inserter
Trainer Creator

If you break the rules, you get in big trouble.
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Lucario 9

Number of posts : 7
Registration date : 2008-11-26

PostSubject: Re: Pokemon - THe Ripped Universe! Hack of The Year (2008)   Wed Nov 26, 2008 4:39 am

it looks good so far,keep up the good work !
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Pokemon - THe Ripped Universe! Hack of The Year (2008)
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