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Sat Jan 17, 2009 12:08 pm by RukarioX
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 DS Game reviews (used with CycloDS Evolution and 2000 roms)

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Number of posts : 141
Registration date : 2008-11-12

PostSubject: DS Game reviews (used with CycloDS Evolution and 2000 roms)   Mon Feb 02, 2009 7:29 pm

Yes, my DS Game reviews. Yippee... nah.
Anyway, I follow these criterias:

Game textures- The graphics used inside a game, that's mainly it.
Gameplay- How the game's controls work, that's it.
Sound quality- Is it good sound or is it bad?
Multiplayer- If the game doesn't have multiplayer, it gets a 5 as it should. This basically takes the multiplayer and sees how it works.
Overall (commercialism included)- How I see this game overall.

Then, I get 0 to 100 points and there's my answer.

First game- N+
Sounds fun, remake of the original N game for PC. Hm...

Game textures- 7- Incredible textures for the N game, but sometimes, when I play, some things are invisible or just not there. PURE mode has the highest chance for that.
Gameplay- 8- You move with the control pad and you jump with either A or B and X is self-destruct. As the L and R buttons are the most likely to be broken, it's not interesting that in the LEVEL CREATOR you have to use them. I'll try again when I have a DSi, so I might make another review. Occasionally, you jump too hard or too soft.
Sound quality- 4- Terrible monochromic songs are stored on here, which is the example why is this 8MB. The quality is fair, though.
Multiplayer- 2- It's very hard to make an account and I doubt that it works with DS Download Play... hm...
Overall- 6- Not very enjoyable game, with incredibly easy levels mixed in with those that are next to impossible. They could have made 100 episodes like for the 2MB PC version, but they only made about 30, so that's a letdown. The unlockables are great and the choice of graphics, music, and so on is also interesting. A level editor is also included with a community.

Total score: 52 - Try it and see- Not much to add here, except for the fact that you'd better rent this than spend $30 on it. Sad

If you break the rules, you get in big trouble.
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Number of posts : 141
Registration date : 2008-11-12

PostSubject: Re: DS Game reviews (used with CycloDS Evolution and 2000 roms)   Thu Feb 12, 2009 8:11 pm

Rating for Mario&Luigi2_ARME - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (U)

Game textures- 9-Well, the graphics have drastically improved from the GBA era, and some things look like they are 3D now. However, some stuff still needs to be upgraded, like some shadowing, and some of the levels were made hastily.
Gameplay- 7- It can be incredibly hard to use the 4 buttons to your advantage with X and Y being the babies and A and B the adults, and you get so used to one controls that the game might mess up. Then again, it's nothing big. Also, the near complete lack of stylus use is terrible.
Sound quality- 10- Great songs, really shows the entire feeling. No main mess ups here! Yet, the ripped soundtrack sounds a bit off in some areas.
Multiplayer- 5- No multiplayer at all.
Overall (commercialism included)- 9- A direct sequel to Mario & Luigi RPG 1 (J). The problem is that Fawful is in this freaking game and that some bosses will take hours on hours to beat. The fact that once you beat Bowser and the end credits happen, no after story!

Total score 78%. Fairly good game, try buying it.

If you break the rules, you get in big trouble.
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DS Game reviews (used with CycloDS Evolution and 2000 roms)
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